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schlegel medium cut foam pad

  Catalog > Buffing & Polishing pads > schlegel medium cut foam pad
schlegel medium cut foam pad
schlegel medium cut foam pad Buffing Pad, Foam, Medium Cutting, Yellow, 9.50 in. Diameter, 1.50 in. Thick, These 9 in. round pads from Schlegel are made from high-quality, 11/2 in. thick foam with a unique, twin-beveled edge that helps your power buffer reach even the most complex contours of your bodywork. Schlegel foam buffing pads are available in 5 styles to suit your buffing needs: * Heavy cutting buffing pad (black) is designed for surfaces with heavy oxidation and pitting and removes wet sanding scratches * Medium cutting buffing pad (yellow) removes light oxidation on base coat/clear coat paint systems * Light compounding buffing pad (green) is for use on fresh paint and in high-humidity climates where wax may cake * Final finishing buffing pad (blue) is designed for scratchless, everyday polishing and will remove swirl marks and leave behind a high gloss * Ultrafine polishing pad (white) is for use on darker colors, exotic paints, and restoration finishes
Weight:7.00 lbs
Price:$ 19.00
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