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  Catalog > Spray Guns > Sata Spray Guns > HVLP TOUCH UP GUNS > SATA MINIJET4 HVLP 1.0SRMM GRAVITY GUN
SATA presents its latest model to the Minijet range: the Minijet 4 HVLP, a manageable and efficient precision tool with fine atomization for high quality finish results. With a flat spray fan and fine atomization, surfaces can be painted quickly and seamlessly. The revolutionary, modern design gun body ideally matches the hand ergonomics. The trigger can be operated with either one or two fingers and allows for precise and non-fatiguing work. Compared to the Minijet 3, the SATAminijet 4 HVLP has "grown up“ with its improved ergonomics and is still lighter and smaller when compared to other manufacturers small paint spray guns. Even surfaces which are difficult to access can be easily reached thanks to its small construction. The innovative fan control can be adjusted from both sides allowing a one-hand-operation for both right and left handed painters. The new QCC quick change cup with quick coupling (patent pending) was adapted from the "big“ SATAjet paint sprayguns. The SATA BCC system allows for easy cleaning and quick exchange of the nozzle set. Furthermore, for individual marking, the Minijet 4 is equipped with the renowned SATA CCS (Colour Code System) – 4 coloured plastic clips are included in the scope of delivery and these can be used to individually mark the gun handle. A compressed air micrometer to adjust the spray pressure and material flow control as well as a non-drip device in the PVC flow cup are standard. The SATAminijet 4 HVLP is highly versatile when spraying different materials – all standard paints may be applied in their usual viscosities. The corrosion-proof make of all material-conveying parts allows for unlimited waterborne paint application. HVLP low pressure technology assures material transfer rates of above 65 %. Compared to high pressure guns, this means considerably lower overspray emissions and material savings of up to 30 %. A range of 9 nozzle size variations (0.3 to 1.4) are availalbe and offer the painter a wide field of applications. The Minijet 4 HVLP gun, allowing fine dosage and featuring numerous adjustment possibilities, also available are special Spot-Repair nozzles (0.8; 1.0; 1.2; 1.4) ensuring a safe repair job without visible edges, even on extremely small surface sections. The patented air distribution principle guarantees high precision colour matching and desired results, even with difficult shades. With the SATAminijet 4 HVLP the painter has a highly flexible and practical coating tool at his disposal, which assures not only optimum coating results in Spot and Smart Repair, but is suitable for a complete coating job on smaller surfaces. The SATAminijet™ 4 HVLP is especially suitable for blending, design, spot repair or complete jobs on smaller surfaces. When compared with other manufacturers, the minijet 4 HVLP is smaller in six and weighs less. Light trigger pull and air consumption only 3.6cfm at 29psi. (approx 2.8 CFM@40) • Built in Air Micrometer • QCC quick cup connector system • Fan control adjustable from either side • QC quick change air cap for easier cleaning • Nine nozzle choices including the new wide 1.4SR • Precise color matching with patented airflow principle • High transfer efficiency for extremely low overspray • Fine atomization and superior finish quality that has become the trademark of Sata spray guns • Comes with 150cc aluminum cup SR model is the latest and greatest tip set. Better atomization than the standard model with greater fan control. The innovative fan control can be adjusted from both sides allowing a one-hand-operation for both right and left handed painters.
Weight:7.00 lbs
Price:$ 495.95
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